Conversational AI design and development for the major assistant platforms.

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Start Conversations

Create an endless dialog with customers

Present yourself on all Channels

Make it easy for customers to interact with your company

We make yourself available where customers already are

Talk to them in the kitchen, living room, or car

Allow them to connect

An AI assistant can provide answers, and allow them to transact

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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of solutions.


We create a conversation model that is consistant with your brand exerience.


We bring your products and services to life on Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant, and Samsung's Bixby


We can help identify opportunities in a fast moving space. Be a first mover in the AI assistant space

Some FAQ

Below are some common questions and answers.

We learn about what your business does, and some of the challenges you're facing. Then (if it makes sense), we develop a plan to make your products and services available by voice. We'll demonstrate what your brand will sound like, and how you'll be presented to customers

There is a wealth of data you can 'unlock' using voice. Imagine you're an electric utilities company. A customer can simply ask what there usage was last month, and BOOM - they have an answer. Compare how different that experience would be on a web site or mobile app?

Voice is the next interface, and it is going to change every business in a big way. Ecommerce, customer service, and general inquiries will be features that customers will expect you to have via voice. NOW is a great time to get in early and dominate in a space that is expected to grow double-digits for many years to come.

That's easy. Just contact us, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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Who is Conversation Curve?

With the explosion of smart speakers, and natural language voice assistants like Siri...voice powered by AI has finally become pervasive. Pete has been developing for voice since 2005.
After graduating with his Masters Degree in Information Systems, Pete started working at Experian, then a voice start up outside Chicago. It was during these years that he cut his teeth on Voice UX, and designing applications with and without screens.

A finalist at Samsung's Developer Showcase in 2018.

Pete Haas

Founder & CEO